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tlok book 3: change + slow motion

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of yours, a secret


of yours, a secret

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From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and featuring Hideaki Anno student character (gif sources : 1 2 3).

I NEED to see this show.

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After this finale, I think I figured out what the thematic endgame of the series is — Korra’s going to teach the world to keep balance whether the Avatar is around or not.

As awful as Korra’s current situation is, I feel like it’s going to be something that she will end up…

This is a pretty interesting idea, especially since every season has featured an antagonist with a different idea on how the world should be *ruled*, separate from the Avatar.

Be it a socialism, anarchism or authoritarianism, each antagonist wants to have a say in how the world is ruled in general because times are changing and the whole monarchy + Avatar thing isn’t really serving the needs of the people anymore. The antagonists are not trying to take over the throne and maintain the status quo for their own benefit alone like former usurpers would (well, except Unalaq, but I think he did believe he was right in a selfish sense)—they think something else is needed, and clearly the many Equalist supporters agree. 

People are starting to question the long held order of the world, and they want to be put in power over their own governments and representation. Korra has to find her place in a world that does not want to leave the guidance of millions of people up to a select few anymore. 

The role of the Avatar as we know it is over, and Korra is left to figure what the role can be in the world as it moves forward. 



Don’t you just love how Iwatobi is risking the chance of being disqualified AGAIN

Just a hunch, but the reason they’re likely explaining this relay rule might have to do with the possibility of Rin and Sousuke missing their exchange, what with the possibility of Sou’s shoulder causing him to slow down in the last metre and making Rin leave the blocks before he touches.

But you know, it’s just a hunch…

That would make sense given the practice pool scene we saw where Rin and Sousuke messed up the exchange. 




who wore it better


Reminder that Rin was probably so upset because not only is Haru blowing off his future, but he’s blowing off a future with Rin. By not finishing the race, he blew off the chance to swim with Rin in the finals, and he might have blown off the chance to swim with him in university, and Haru didn’t even realize what he was saying.



And then, he turned around and said he swims for his friends. Rin must not feel like one of those friends anymore.